What next?


Hi, I am Ethien Duckett, and if you couldn’t tell I have had some issues.

Concerning poetry

Many of my published poems will be recalled. This is so I can create something new. As for why this has taken so long, there are a few reasons. I hadn’t looked at them for a while, because I realized what they were. They were my emotions when I realized that I didn’t have to lie in my bed and waste away, I also thought that removing them would make forget the pain of that laying in that bed. The biggest reason however, was how much of me my poems took up, I had a lot of hope in my poems and I simply couldn’t let go for a long time. In a sense, all the dreams I had up until that point were unfit to become a part of reality, but I wanted to dream regardless (maybe that is denial?). Anyway, those dreams were also interwoven with beliefs and emotions and so I was deluded practically from the get-go. The reason why I am here today writing this is because my delusions leaked out, far more than on just a few occasions, for example, I often times would complain to my mom about global warming, politics, my school, and my job, but she would stay calm, look at me, and say in essence that my worries were useless. Thank you for being so patient with me Mom.

Concerning programming/computer science

I have resumed my studies (mostly of programming concepts), and I will focus on Python for the foreseeable future.

Concerning the website

The website theme will probably change, and I might remove the poetry and artist tags, license page, word of the day poems, and bandit write-ups as well.

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