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Documentstats.cpp coming soon!

I was just so excited when I realized my program actually was going to work (with very minimal bugs considering I have no way to grab new lines as input) that is all. Probably coming before August. std::getline(std::cin, varname) this is very helpful for passing the no spaces limitation cin has. With spaces I can […]

C++ vs. Python3 speed test (integers)

I know my code isn’t perfectly optimized but I think c++ is slowed down a bit because I don’t know it as well. The calculations being used were meant to be CPU intensive i=6i=i^4i=i+11i=i%7(i stands for integer) These 4 operations were done 40000000 (40 million times) for each test and the python3 test was rounded […]

why is c++ being random?

After asking a professional why this was happening it was apparent to me that all my hypotheses were wrong. I am tired so I will keep this short. Always assign your variables to a value upon creation or you will get random stuff. May or may not apply to just int/double/float I have not tested […]

Me complaining about GUIs

I will not be writing any programs in c++ that use GUIs for a specific reason…I can not get a single one to work. I think it is not worth the 3+ days it would take me. So I will just use python GUIs instead (no pygame programs). I will still program in c++ but […]

messing around with c++

This is the code I guess, the plugin is called CodeMirror. It has the option to run HTML code, but not c++ from what I can see. If you want to run this code then use the free repl code editor and compiler https://repl.it/languages/cpp11 It works very well, also hopefully I can release a new […]