‘Check-up point’ #1

This is something I made up, the idea of it is to announce that I am attempting something new with a date, I will not update often on my progress but rather show it in my blogs
I also will post projects and concepts

What am I going to do…
I am going to research math (networking and assembly+hardware) because I never listened to my math teachers and now I wish I had because math is very helpful to know.

The knowledge of math will hopefully allow me to calculate the efficiency of programs and also give me insights on machine learning which I may research next.

If you want to follow along, here are my resources:
computers (Windows 10 and Ubuntu),
internet connection,
Khan academy

The project I am working on currently is a note taker written in python, it is graphical and is going to be the first program I have ever written which I have white boarded to a degree.

I am not dead, I just think blogging is boring, so I will create results.

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