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unknown future

I am not the owner of, the owner is currently experiencing issues in real life, ejware has a decent chance of having a different owner in a year or two. My github page will still be up and I will be active on it. I can be certain that this website will remain […]


I found a c++ gui that works gtkmm. I will try to make a video game in it but don’t expect it to have good graphics or to be fast. Also any programs I make with gtkmm should be cross platform and usable by everyone.I will try to make an exe file for windows seeing […]

How to run my code

There are two options you can run the code online or on your computer. Currently used languagesC++“Shell scripting” (probably not as good as PC) Projects coming soon in these languagesC projects (php included I hope) 8086 (assembly languages just don’t have online compilers) maybe this site 6052 Suggested languages […]

some ideas

So I decided I will not finish my recall project because there are a lot of commands in linux. Also I am thinking of programming a script which turns html documents into a dark mode. It is pretty simple, the program will just grab all the html code, insert “style=”background-color:#000000;”” in any <body> tags it […]

looking to join a github repository

I would like to join a github repository, but I can’t find a single repository with code that I can understand (Why does every repository have 20+ folders with files just scattered seemingly at random?). I will program in c++, python, or just learn anything I need to join a repository or group. email me […]

Me complaining about GUIs

I will not be writing any programs in c++ that use GUIs for a specific reason…I can not get a single one to work. I think it is not worth the 3+ days it would take me. So I will just use python GUIs instead (no pygame programs). I will still program in c++ but […]

I’m on github (2020, Jul 11)

I would like to educate people but I don’t know too much. Right now you can follow me on My plans are fully learning shell, python3, and c++ by 2021. After that I will learn assembly and try to program an atari game. By this point I will be looking for a job in […]