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please don't hack this website, I promise it is not worth your time. Also is not my email, it is my dad's contact me at

What next?

Introduction Hi, I am Ethien Duckett, and if you couldn’t tell I have had some issues. Concerning poetry Many of my published poems will be recalled. This is so I can create something new. As for why this has taken so long, there are a few reasons. I hadn’t looked at them for a while, […]

‘Check-up point’ #1

This is something I made up, the idea of it is to announce that I am attempting something new with a date, I will not update often on my progress but rather show it in my blogsI also will post projects and concepts What am I going to do…I am going to research math (networking […]

pong in javascript, ‘multiplayer’

Javascript/HTML5 is way too easy to use. Then again, it is only pong, another game is probably coming out in a month if my classmates will do their work. Link to the game: download the zip file and double click on the html file, it is pretty simple. Note: it likes to use every […]

Data flip flops

how to make them, what they do, and how they work To follow along with me go to and complete all of the levels up to the data flip flop. (though the website is called nandgame I won’t show how to make everything with just nand gates) Data flip flops probably have a better […]

Conway’s game of life (python3)

Code is on my github page. To make the program I watched a video tutorial and checked out the page’s documentation. I think pyglet is the easiest GUI programming is going to get without using scratch, visual studio, or pygame. Also pyglet is a lot faster than pygame. Also an alternate announcment, I am […]