Month: July 2020

How to run my code

There are two options you can run the code online or on your computer. Currently used languagesC++“Shell scripting” (probably not as good as PC) Projects coming soon in these languagesC projects (php included I hope) 8086 (assembly languages just don’t have online compilers) maybe this site 6052 Suggested languages […]

Documentstats.cpp coming soon!

I was just so excited when I realized my program actually was going to work (with very minimal bugs considering I have no way to grab new lines as input) that is all. Probably coming before August. std::getline(std::cin, varname) this is very helpful for passing the no spaces limitation cin has. With spaces I can […]

C++ vs. Python3 speed test (integers)

I know my code isn’t perfectly optimized but I think c++ is slowed down a bit because I don’t know it as well. The calculations being used were meant to be CPU intensive i=6i=i^4i=i+11i=i%7(i stands for integer) These 4 operations were done 40000000 (40 million times) for each test and the python3 test was rounded […]

why is c++ being random?

After asking a professional why this was happening it was apparent to me that all my hypotheses were wrong. I am tired so I will keep this short. Always assign your variables to a value upon creation or you will get random stuff. May or may not apply to just int/double/float I have not tested […]

A relatively safe multi-unzipper (meant for files that are not given the option of extract in file browser)

This program only runs on linux in the bash environment and is used to quickly unzip all files of one type. It will be on if you want more info. If anyone actually uses this I highly recommend using an alias, just go your .bash_aliases file and write alias unzipall=”bash (whatever you save this […]

some ideas

So I decided I will not finish my recall project because there are a lot of commands in linux. Also I am thinking of programming a script which turns html documents into a dark mode. It is pretty simple, the program will just grab all the html code, insert “style=”background-color:#000000;”” in any <body> tags it […]

looking to join a github repository

I would like to join a github repository, but I can’t find a single repository with code that I can understand (Why does every repository have 20+ folders with files just scattered seemingly at random?). I will program in c++, python, or just learn anything I need to join a repository or group. email me […]

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