Commonly Asked Questions About Windows 7 Operating Systems

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If you are buying an operating system for your PC you will have a number of questions to ask about the operating system. Listed below are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the Windows 7 operating systems.

1. Which Windows 7 Operating System Should I Buy?

The type of Windows operating system you buy will largely depend on your needs. Some versions are designed for businesses while others are designed for the home. For home purposes the best Windows operating system is home premium. This has all the basic features that home users will need.

2. Is the 64 Bit version of Windows 7 Better Than the 34 Bit Version?

If you are suing software that requires that your operating system has 64-bit architecture you will notice that it runs approximately ten percent faster on a computer that runs 64-bit Windows 7. If you have adequate RAM on your computer it would be wise to purchase the 64-bit version of Windows 7.

Windows 7 is considered to be one of the best Windows releases by many people. It is great for beginners due to the fact that this operating system is very easy to use. It also performs better than the Windows Vista operating system in many ways. Buyers that are having a difficult time deciding which version of Windows 7 to buy should think about what they intend to use it for. Once they have done this they will be able to make an informed choice. This system has options for students of all ages, adults using the computer for personal use and businesses. One of the added benefits of Windows 7 is the attractive new features and appearance of the operating system. It also has the ability to run most software that is on the market.

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