father’s day poem

He’s a tough subject His interested face and my interested face meet. His smile grows, my smile grows. One of us trips. The other turns away. His weathered face and my disturbed face meet. His eyes are like holes in leather. It makes me sick. I turn away. His withered face and my weathered face […]

premonition of an artist.

I don’t think I have a chance at the artist profession (unless my situation changes), there are many talented individuals who put their full effort in–regardless of whether or not they have a part-time-job. Which is why I am temporarily unwillingly resigning. I don’t know what my future is like, and I don’t think I […]

Poem: Why is friendship important?

“I don’t need friends.” I say to the wall. the wall responds in no unusual way, so it is punched; only one of many… My actions wake up my parents, lumbering into the room, filling me with embarrassment. Their eyes, they must be tired… I am a– “Son, you have to know: success is so […]

bandit23 write-up

My apologies for breaking your rule of no write-ups… and for all the other ones that have been done or are going to be done. I am noticing that you do not need a tutorial for these at all, try to do them yourself; though they are not always easy, they were made with logic […]

Post-mother’s-day mother’s-day post

Why?I was spending time with my mom yesterday after work which is why this post is post. Context?I am writing this post in the noisiest classroom in all of North Carolina–it has to be, there is a guy dunking a plastic ball into a miniature hoop, not only this they are also attempting to play […]

attempt at uplifting poem

Along the river with my friend The laughter and the splashing, cover up today’s mishaps and stress. We were apart; we felt wrong. Now I know, the radiance of our smiles shows the way. Today is the happiest day of my life.

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