unknown future

I am not the owner of ejware.com, the owner is currently experiencing issues in real life, ejware has a decent chance of having a different owner in a year or two. My github page will still be up and I will be active on it. https://github.com/EthienDuckettIf I can be certain that this website will remain […]

Data flip flops

how to make them, what they do, and how they work To follow along with me go to http://nandgame.com and complete all of the levels up to the data flip flop. (though the website is called nandgame I won’t show how to make everything with just nand gates) Data flip flops probably have a better […]

Conway’s game of life (python3)

Code is on my github page. github.com/EthienDuckett To make the program I watched a video tutorial and checked out the page’s documentation. I think pyglet is the easiest GUI programming is going to get without using scratch, visual studio, or pygame. Also pyglet is a lot faster than pygame. Also an alternate announcment, I am […]


I found a c++ gui that works gtkmm. I will try to make a video game in it but don’t expect it to have good graphics or to be fast. Also any programs I make with gtkmm should be cross platform and usable by everyone.I will try to make an exe file for windows seeing […]

How to run my code

There are two options you can run the code online or on your computer. Currently used languagesC++ https://repl.it/languages/cpp11Python3 https://repl.it/languages/Python3“Shell scripting” (probably not as good as PC) https://repl.it/repls/UselessAlienatedDatabases#main.sh Projects coming soon in these languagesC https://repl.it/languages/CWeb projects (php included I hope) https://repl.it/languages/web_projectAssembly 8086 (assembly languages just don’t have online compilers) maybe this site https://www.tutorialspoint.com/compile_assembly_online.phpAssembly 6052 Suggested languages […]

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